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For €199 per year* (less than €17 per month) enjoy a prestigious registered office for your business in Madrid.

*Annual payment in a single fee.

Registered offices in Madrid at the best price

By registering your office with us you will be able to use, immediately, one of our five locations as your registered office and tax residence.

You will have a prestigious and representative address for your customers and suppliers, which you can also publish on your website, cards and printed material.

If you decide to receive your correspondence here, we will receive it and notify you immediately

Domiciliación de sociedades Madrid

What do our registered offices in Madrid include?

Registered offices at the best price

Prestigious location for your address

Representative address on your website, business cards and forms

Receipt and scanning of mail and correspondence

Immediate notification of letters received

Choose the best location to register your company in Madrid

5 Locations in the centre of the capital

CINK | Núñez de Balboa


Cink | Paseo de la Castellana


Cink | Henri Dunant


CINK | Manoteras


CINK | Infanta Mercedes


Advantages of registering your company in Madrid

Sign up now for €199/year* (less than €17/month)

*Annual payment in a single fee.

Oficina virtual Madrid

Without the costs of an office

With the Virtual Registered Office Address you immediately enjoy a location for your company without the need to incur all the expenses involved in renting an office.

Optimizing your time

You will be able to devote your time to what is really important for your business. Even if you are not physically on site, there will always be someone available to handle and receive your mail.

Show off your registered office

The right registered office adds value and prestige to your corporate image. A central location and representative facilities will convey professionalism to your customers and suppliers.

Offices and meeting rooms available

You will have complementary services such as offices, meeting rooms, training and events that will help you to develop your activity in a more agile and comfortable way.

Sign Up Online

Fill in the following form and we will send you to a secure payment gateway where you can sign up online and make the payment through a debit or credit card or bank transfer.

Do you prefer to do it by email or do you still some questions? Write us at or chat online and we will help you with the whole process.

FAQ Registered Office Address in Madrid

Questions about our company registered office service in Madrid

You can complete the Registered Office service contract online at Cink Coworking in different ways:

  1. You can fill out a form on our website that will provide us with all the necessary information to sign up for the service. This will direct you to a payment gateway where you can also pay by credit or debit card or bank transfer and thus complete purchase the online
  2. Website contact, telephone, email or online chat service: If you have any questions you can contact us through the various channels available on our website. The Cink Coworking team will contact you in less than 24 hours to clarify your doubts and tell you the steps to take to hire the service.

The tax residence does not necessarily have to coincide with the registered office. The main differences between both concepts are the following:

  • Each type of address is defined by different laws: the registered office by the Capital Companies Law in Spain; the tax residence by the General Tax Law.
  • The main difference that distinguishes each address is that while the company is administered and managed at the registered office; the notifications from the Tax Authority are received at the tax residence.
  • The registered office is public and the tax residence is private.

With this service you will be able to use one of our addresses for both the registered office and the tax residence

The registered office and tax residence service allows you to use our address as your own. You will be able to publish it on your website, Internet and business cards.

We will receive your mail as your contact address. We receive it and notify you immediately by email.

If you do not live in the city, you have the option of letting us scan and send up to 15 letters per year.

Standard size mail (up to 32cmx23cmx2cm and a maximum weight of 2kg) will be collected and stored for a maximum of 2 months after delivery at the coworking space.

It does not include a telephone answering service.

  • You can choose from the four addresses we have in Madrid:

    • Núñez de Balboa St., 120
    • Paseo de la Castellana. St, 194
    • Henri Dunant St., 15-17
    • Manoteras Avenue, 24
    • Limonero St., 22. (Corner Infanta Mercedes St.)

Once you have signed up, you will be able to start using it immediately. You will now have our address available to use as your registered office and tax residence on your website, cards and forms.

This will be what your customers and suppliers see and you will be able to receive your correspondence here.

Yes, we will pick up your registered letters as long as we have a written authorization from your company authorizing us to do so.

Once the service has been purchased, we will ask you for the necessary information depending on whether you are self-employed or a limited company. It will be the following:


  • ID of the owner
  • Tax Authority Form 036. (Census declaration of registration, modification and cancellation).
  • A.E Form (Economic Activities Tax)

The duration of the contract is one year, with automatic renewal, but before the renewal date we will contact you to confirm that you wish to continue with the contract and to facilitate payment.

If your company is still in the process of being established, you can hire the service with your personal details, or leave the NIF (tax ID) number to be allocated. Once we have all the information, we will sign the contract and final invoice with the company details.

This service is ideal for any entrepreneur. If you are self-employed or freelance, or if you have an SME or startup and still do not have a physical space to carry your professional activity, the Registered office service will help you project a more professional image; avoiding the use of your home address.

This option also allows you to expand your business to other locations in the centre of Madrid