Cink Coworking

Cink Coworking was founded in 2011

with the aim of offering entrepreneurs, freelancers, startups and small businesses a workspace adapted to their needs.


has been clear from the very beginning

Our mission from the beginning has been to create practical and accessible facilities, where flexibility with the customer and a friendly relationship with them is the priority.

We currently have five coworking spaces in major business areas of Madrid, where we offer private offices for companies, shared spaces with different types of coworking spaces, meeting rooms to deal with customers or hold meetings with the team and common areas to take breaks and seek synergies with other entrepreneurs.

Te team that makes up the company is committed to good service and always seeks excellence. We are concerned about the needs that entrepreneurs have in our spaces and we try to provide them with all the necessary resources to make their day-to-day life easier.

Cink Coworking has a background that offers experience within the industry, making itself one of the main options in the Madrid market for flexible company spaces.

Friendly treatment + Flexibility + Location = CINK

Cink Coworking

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We design spaces thinking about making our customer’s stay as comfortable as possible. We try to provide what is necessary to make their daily life easier, and so that our users can set up their businesses easily and quickly.

The simplification of management that comes with operating in a flexible workspace allows our customers to focus on their businesses, without worrying about anything else. Since we will be the ones who will ensure that everything works perfectly.

Many companies have placed their trust in Cink Coworking. We currently have a large community of SMEs and entrepreneurs who live in a collaborative and innovative environment that gives rise to a very productive environment.

Come and visit our spaces and discover how you can find an office in the centre of Madrid at a competitive price!