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Flexible workspaces in Madrid

Choose the workspace that suits your needs. Permanent, flexible, by the day or by the hour.

Flexible and secure workspaces adapted to your needs

All our coworking spaces comply with strict Covid-19 prevention measures.

Non-permanent coworking spaces

Are you looking for a flexible space as safe as possible for your company? At Cink Coworking you can find spaces adapted to the demands of the moment.

Take advantage of coworking, you can expand or reduce your workspaces depending on your needs and those of your team.

You will also have all the services included in a single invoice.

We want to give you absolute flexibility, that’s why our contracts are flexible and without permanence.

Cink Coworking | People Make Cink

Daily passes, the best option to single or specific days.

Daily Workspace

Customer Service hours
  • Flexible Workspace
  • Monday to Friday 9am - 7pm

5 Days Pass

+1 hour meeting room
  • Flexible Workspace
  • Monday to Friday 7am - 10pm

10 Days Pass

+2 hours meeting room
  • Flexible Workspace
  • Monday to Friday 7am - 10pm

20 Dais Pass

+4 hours meeting room
  • Flexible Workspace
  • Monday to Friday 7am - 10pm
To consume in a maximum time of 4 months from the first day of use. Prices without VAT.

Monthly desk, from 1 month and without permanence.

Flexible Resident

Flexible monthly workspace
  • Flexible Workspace
  • Registered Office
  • Meeting room: 10 hours/month

Part Time

Part time workspace
  • Flexible Workstation
  • Registered Office
  • Meeting Room: 6 hours/month

Prices do not include VAT per person/space. Each plan has a 30 day duration. No permanent contracts

Annual membership

If you prefer to pay once and have access to our spaces all one year, we recommend you our annual membership. Flexible position 3 days a week. In addition 20 hours of use of meeting rooms.

Annual membreship

Use for a full year
799 /year
  • Flexible Workspace 3 days per week
  • Registered Office
  • Meeting room: 20 hours/year

Prices do not include VAT.

CINK | People Make Cink

All services included

Salas de reunión

Meeting room hours

Domicilio social y fiscal

Registered office and tax residence



Todos los gastos incluidos

Cleaning and maintenance service


Photocopier access

Comedor y zona office

Dining area with office

Internet de alta velocidad

High speed Internet


24h video surveillance

Book a space in any of our Coworking spaces

All located in the centre of Madrid

Cink | Paseo de la Castellana


Cink | Henri Dunant


CINK | Infanta Mercedes


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FAQ Flexible workspaces in Madrid

The difference between these coworking spaces depends mainly on the price, the type of space and the meeting room hours available for each one.

  • Permanent coworking spaces costs €195+VAT per month and include a desk and chair for private use (no one else can use it) and a voucher for 12 hours of meeting rooms.
  • The flexible coworking space costs €150+VAT per month, and in this case the desk and chair will be allocated as a rotating space. That means it can be used by other entrepreneurs. It includes a voucher for 10 meeting room hours per month.

We also have two other types of coworking spaces:

  • The part time coworking space (flexible half day) includes a desk and chair in a rotating space and has a voucher for 6 hours per month to book meeting rooms. It does not include a registered office address. This space has two shifts (morning or afternoon) for use.
  • The flexible coworking space including membership. This includes a desk and a chair in a rotating space that you can only use three days per week in any of the five Cink Coworking locations and it includes 20 hours of meeting rooms per year. With this service you can also use one of our five addresses as your company’s registered office.

The fee for each coworking space includes utilities (water, heating, internet, electricity).

You will have to choose between morning (7:00 am to 3:00 pm) or afternoon (3:00 to 10:00), and once you have selected your preferred day you will have to comply with this to use your coworking space.

Depending on the coworking space hired you will have a different hour allowance.

  • The permanent coworking space has 12 hours of meeting rooms per month.
  • The flexible coworking space has 10 hours of meeting rooms per month.
  • The part time coworking space has 6 hours of meeting rooms per month.
  • The flexible coworking space with membership has 20 hours of meeting rooms per year.

Only permanent coworking spaces can bring their own drawer unit and place it under their desk occupying their space, as long as it does not interfere with the space allocated to other coworkers who are near your workspace.

Flexible coworking spaces can hire a locker to store their belongings, the cost of the locker is €10+VAT per month.

Permanent flexible and part time coworking spaces do not have this option. But we do have a flexible coworking space with membership, which allows you to use any of our coworking locations in Madrid three days per week.

Yes, tell the person in charge of your coworking space and your colleague will be able to work all day long with our coworking rate. The price is €15+VAT and you will be able to enjoy a flexible coworking space, without the option of meeting room hours.

Coworking spaces must be used by the company or entrepreneur who has signed up for it. We have coworking spaces available for days where you can enjoy a flexible space, without the option of meeting room hours, at a price of €15+VAT.

You must notify the coworking space community manager in writing at least 15 days before the effective date of cancellation. If you have any questions, the manager will be able to advise you.

We assure you that your pet will be much more comfortable in a different environment other than an office.

Our coworking spaces in Madrid are not equipped to be pet friendly.