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For €199 per year* (less than €17 per month) enjoy a prestigious business address for your self-employed activity.

*Annual payment in a single fee

Business address for the self-employed in Madrid at the best price.

If you are self-employed and you need a business address for your activity, we offer you one of our five locations, which you can use immediately as your business address and tax residence in Madrid.

You will have a prestigious and representative address for your customers and suppliers, which you can also publish on your website, cards and printed material.

You can also receive your mail at our spaces, we will receive it, scan it (if requested) and notify you instantly.

Domicilio social autónomos Madrid

What do our business addresses for the self-employed in Madrid include?

Business address for self-employed Madrid

Prestigious location for your business address

Representative address on your website, business cards and forms

Receipt and scanning of mail and correspondence

Immediate notification of letters received

Choose the best location for your business address in Madrid

5 Locations in the centre of the capital

CINK | Núñez de Balboa


Cink | Paseo de la Castellana


Cink | Henri Dunant


CINK | Manoteras


CINK | Infanta Mercedes


Advantages of registering your self-employed business in Madrid

Contract now for €199/year* (less than €17/month)

*Annual payment in a single fee
Oficina virtual Madrid

Without the costs of an office

With our tax residence address for the self-employed you can immediately enjoy a prestigious location without the need to carry out all the expenses involved in renting an office.

Optimizing your time

You will be able to devote your time to what is really important for your business. You won’t have to bother about receiving letters as there will always be someone available to receive them and notify you immediately.

Show off your business address

Being able to boast a business address in a central and recognized location, will add value to your self-employed business, giving a good corporate image. It is the best way to transmit professionalism to your customers and suppliers.

Offices and meeting rooms available

If you need to have a meeting one day, present things to customers, meet with a supplier or simply a place to work, you can do it in our coworking spaces, from €15.

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Questions about our registered address service for self-employed in Madrid

The business address for the self-employed is the place where they are established and where they meet their tax obligations.

The home address was generally used as the business address for the self-employed, but 9s to initiatives such as coworking spaces, there are now more options when it comes to choosing the right business address.

Self-employed people must submit their tax residence address to the Authorities through Form 036/037.

If you later want to change your tax residence address, you will have to notify them through this same Form.