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Coworking Prices

Coworking Space Pricing

Prices for permanent and flexible coworking sites. Prices for hourly and daily spaces.

Flexible Resident

Flexible monthly position
  • Flexible space
  • Registered Office
  • Meeting room: 10 hours/month

Part Time

Part Time position
  • Flexible space
  • Registered Office
  • Meeting Room: 6 hours/month

Prices do not include VAT per person/space. Each plan has a 30 day duration. No permanent contracts.

Daily space

€15 + VAT

Bring your laptop, choose a flexible space and connect for a day with the Cink ecosystem.

Annual membership

€ 799+ VAT (only €80 per month)

Flexible 3 days a week. 20 hours/year of meeting room use.

Coworking office rental prices

Private office rental prices per month, with all services included and without permanence.

Cink | Tarifa despachos

Offices for rent

We have offices of different sizes at our spaces. Ask for information indicating your needs and we will contact you to offer you a personalized solution.

Prices for booking meeting rooms by hours in Madrid

Prices for meeting rooms, training and events, both for days and hours.

Up to 6 people
Size 10 m2
Up to 12 people
Size 20 m2
Up to 20 people
Size 32 m2
Up to 40 people
Size 58 m2
half day
half day
half day
half day
full day
full day
full day
full day

Prices do not include VAT


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High Speed WiFi

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Technology Items

Registered office and tax residence Prices

Annual fee €199+VAT

Register your company and use one of our locations as your tax residence and/or registered address, we will inform you when you receive parcels or mail!

Prestigious location for your address

Representative address on your website, business cards and forms

Receipt of mail and correspondence

Immediate notification of letters received