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✔ Flexibility: no permanence required. Change your space or office to suit your needs.

✔ The best locations in Madrid: with public transport and parking nearby.

✔  Friendly, personalized service: always willing to listen to your needs and make your daily life easier.

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Our Coworking spaces in Madrid

CINK | Núñez de Balboa


Your office in the heart of the Salamanca district

Cink | Paseo de la Castellana


Located in the main artery of Madrid

Cink | Henri Dunant


Facilities with outstanding natural light for work

CINK | Manoteras


One of the most important business areas in the north of Madrid.

CINK | Infanta Mercedes


In the heart of Madrid’s financial district.

Coworking in Madrid

Cink Coworking Madrid

At Cink Coworking Madrid our mission is to create practical, accessible facilities, where flexibility with the customer and a friendly relationship takes priority. At all our sites, you can find the perfect space to carry out your business, create contacts and network, launch new projects or find synergies with other collaborators.

We currently have five coworking spaces in Madrid, all of them in important business areas and perfectly communicated, where we offer private offices for companies, flexible spaces of different types, meeting rooms to deal with customers or conduct training and common areas to make your stay with us as comfortable as possible.

Cink’s philosophy is to stand out because each space has a unique essence. And in each place there is an atmosphere that attracts, motivates and inspires us to keep growing and developing wonderful proposals through entrepreneurship and collaboration.

Synergies between the companies located at Cink Coworking Madrid emerge quickly and smoothly, making use of various channels, platforms and events that bring together entrepreneurs, business people, SMEs and startups from different industries.

Cink is much more than coworking spaces, because apart from offering a wide range of options and benefits for your venture, you have an involved and concerned staff before and during your stay in the space, guiding you and attending to your needs as a customer.

PRODUCTS at our Coworking spaces in Madrid

Choose the one that best suits your needs
Cink | Tarifa despachos


If it’s a private office for your work team that you need and enjoying all the advantages of a coworking space, then this is the best option. At Cink Coworking we offer private offices of different sizes for work groups from 2 to 30 people.

CINK | Part time


Are you looking for a coworking space? We offer different types: permanent, flexible, annual memberships and day passes, you choose the option that best suits your needs. All of them without any permanence and with access to our meeting rooms.

CINK | Tarifa sala de reuniones


Do you need to rent a meeting room in Madrid? Are you looking for a training room? We have what you need: rooms for hours, half days or full days. All of them equipped with whiteboards, screens and access to projectors.

Cink | Tarifa domicilio social


If you are looking for a tax address and registered office for your company where you can receive correspondence use it to feature on your corporate cards, we have the solution. You can have an address for your company at one of our 5 prestigious locations in the centre of Madrid for less than €17 per month.

SERVICES included in our Coworking spaces in Madrid

Everything you need to work on a daily basis
CINK | Servicio Recepción


CINK | Servicio Videovigilancia 24H

24h video surveillance

CINK | Servicio WiFi y perfecta cobertura de móviles

High speed Internet

CINK | Servicio Despachos y áreas de trabajo equipados

Ergonomic furniture

CINK | Servicio Salas de reuniones, formación y eventos

Meeting, training and events room

CINK | Servicio Zona de café y comedor con office

Coffee and dining area with an office

CINK | Servicio Taquillas

Cleaning and maintenance service

CINK | Servicio Fotocopiadora



People make CINK

CINK | Testimonios
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Cink Coworking was founded in 2011 with the aim of offering entrepreneurs, freelancers, startups and small businesses a workspace tailored to their needs.

We currently have five coworking spaces in major business areas of Madrid, where we offer private offices for small businesses, shared spaces with different types of coworking spaces, meeting rooms to serve customers or hold meetings with the team, and common areas to take breaks and seek synergies with other entrepreneurs.

General questions about our Coworking spaces in Madrid

Our spaces are open Monday to Friday 07:00 to 22:00.

Customer service hours at Cink Coworking spaces in Madrid are:

  • January-June and September-December, Monday to Thursday: 9:00 to 2:00 and 3:30 to 7:00. Fridays: 9:00 to 14:00 and 15:00 to 16:30.
  • July and August, Monday to Thursday: 09:00 to 14:00 and 15:00 to 17:00. Fridays: 9:00 to 15:30.

We have a security control system that consists of giving each company a personalized access code that must be entered at doors to spaces in order to gain access, and which we do not recommend sharing, since only those registered in the system will be able to gain access through this code outside the opening hours.

In the case of offices, they also have locks and only the tenants have the keys.

Finally, we have a security camera system in all our coworking space in Madrid and an alarm system outside of coworking opening hours.

Most of our coworking spaces in Madrid have parking spaces. We recommend you contact the space you are interested so that the coworking space community manager can inform you about the rates and conditions for parking in the coworking space and advise you on parking options available near the space.

You will be able to print, scan and make photocopies through the common printer at the space. We will register you in a system where you will have to enter the code supplied when it comes to using the service, the amount consumed during the month being counted and being added to the monthly invoice.

The cost of the prints/copies are:

A4 size black and white €0.05+VAT

A4 size colour €0.55+VAT

A3 size black and white €0.07+VAT

A3 size colour €0.95+VAT

We assure you that your pet will be much more comfortable in a different environment other than an office.

Our coworking spaces in Madrid are not equipped to be pet friendly.

Coworking spaces in Madrid

We currently have 4 rates for our Coworking spaces in Madrid. The difference between them is in the flexibility of the space and the time of access to the meeting rooms available for each one.

  • A permanent coworking space costs €190+VAT per month, includes the exclusive use of a desk and a chair (no one else can use them) and the use of the meeting rooms for a maximum of 12 hours.
  • A flexible coworking space costs €150+VAT per month, and allows the use of a desk and a chair, but without exclusivity, i.e. the space is rotating and for common use. In other words, it can be used by other coworkers. It also includes the use of the meeting rooms, in this case, for a maximum of 10 hours per month.

Both coworking spaces can have the registered office service for companies and self-employed people.

We also have two other types of coworking spaces in Madrid:

  • The part time coworking position (flexible half day) which includes the use of a desk and a non-exclusive chair (like the flexible one) in one of the shifts in the day (morning or afternoon).

This service includes the use of the meeting rooms for 6 hours per month and does not include the possibility of using our coworking spaces in Madrid as a registered office and tax address.

  • Finally, we offer the chance of annual membership as part of a flexible coworking option. It includes a non-exclusive desk and chair that can be reserved and used in any of our coworking spaces in Madrid for a maximum of 3 days a week. It also allows the use of a maximum of 20 hours of meeting rooms per year. With this service you can also use one of our addresses as your company’s registered office.

Permanent, flexible and part time coworking spaces in Madrid do not allow you to move between sites.

Only membership allows you to use any of our coworking spaces in Madrid.

Yes, we have day passes available for co-workers, people who are just passing through or in any other similar situations.

The price of this day pass is €15+VAT without the option of rooms by hours.

The coworking spaces in Madrid are not sharable, i.e. they can only be used by the company or the person who signs up for them. We offer other types of services for these types of cases, such as private offices or day passes.

Mail and packages at coworking spaces

Yes, when placing your order we suggest you indicate your name and the name of the company you belong to.

In addition to indicating the exact address corresponding to the Coworking Space in Madrid where you are staying, we recommend you specify that your company is located in a coworking space. All this process will facilitate parcel management and delivery and will prevent delays in deliveries.

We also advise you to specify the customer service hours to the delivery drivers to avoid inconveniences.

We have an internal customer platform for our coworking space in Madrid. We will use it to indicate the reception of your package. The notification will be sent to the email where you registered on the platform.

Although none of our locations offer this service, you can hire it on your own and leave items at the reception area.

We will take care of delivering it to the courier when they come to pick it up, always bearing in mind that both deliveries and pick-ups must be made during customer service hours.

Nosotros nos encargaremos de entregarlo al mensajero cuando pase a retirarlo, siempre teniendo en cuenta que tanto entregas como recogidas deben realizarse durante el horario de atención al cliente.

Mail and packages at coworking spaces

You can book directly through an internal platform exclusively for Cink Coworking customers.

If you are not at the space, you can call us by phone or use the slack. If you prefer, you can also do so in person, you can always talk to the person in charge of your coworking space and book directly at the reception.

It is mandatory to make reservations for both rooms and booths as all reservations will be deducted the voucher you have available, and this will help keep everything in order

You have a monthly voucher of hours to reserve meeting rooms if you hire a coworking space or office. Hours in rooms not consumed during the month expire at the end of the month, so they are not cumulative.

The maximum booking time per meeting is 2 hours. We ask you to comply with this requirement so that all the companies that are in the facilities can make use of the resources available at the coworking space.

If you use all the hours in your voucher, let the community manager at your coworking space know. They will give you the chance to enjoy additional hours to those included in the service hired and you can have a special price for being a member of the Cink Coworking community.

Room reservations shall be used solely and exclusively by company personnel making the reservation. They cannot be transferred one company to another.

Cink Coworking Community

The best thing about coworking spaces is their communities, and we can tell you that at ours every Cink member gets involved and creates connections with other companies.

There is a collaborative environment at our spaces that motivates, inspires and helps you to grow, making you more productive and, best of all, you will be surrounded by a lot of talent, and you can learn new things even over a cup of coffee.

Our coworking community is full of variety. We have startups, small businesses and entrepreneurs all sectors. You’re bound to feel at home and will be able to find partners, collaborators and even customers for your business.

We usually organize breakfasts, afterworks, training and other events to motivate synergies and interactions among our users. Due to the current situation, we were forced to suspend them, but we are sure that we will resume them very soon.

We also have internal applications and channels where companies can introduce themselves and interact with each other.

Además, contamos con aplicaciones y canales internos donde las empresas pueden presentarse y relacionarse.

Coworking is a common space that provides flexibility and immediate availability, but to achieve success in these spaces, good coexistence is necessary. The key is to be aware of the philosophy of collaborative work, take care of the shared spaces and respect the rules. For example, never enter a meeting room without a reservation. This will disturb the order of the space and create conflicts and inconveniences. Get to know the services in your plan, this way you will not have unexpected expenses and you will be able to take advantage of all the resources you have at your disposal.